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(Credit: Cloud Nothings)


Cloud Nothings release new album 'The Black Hole Understands'


Cloud Nothings have released their brand new studio album, The Black Hole Understands, their first release since 2018 effort Last Building Burning

The record arrived as part of the initiative set up by streaming platform Bandcamp who, in an attempt to support artists during the health crisis, have established specific days to waive their revenue fees.

The ten-track album also comes alongside the news of a planned subscription service which offers a monthly digital EP, merch discount and two vinyl records a year.

“When the world shut down in March, making music was the only thing keeping me tethered to any sense of normalcy. The Black Hole Understands is a record born of this early quarantine anxiety and confusion,” frontman Dylan Baldi said of the project.

“It kind of shocks me that we managed to make this whole album via email. I’d record a guitar track in Garageband and send it to Jayson, who would play some drums and send them back to me, and I’d build the rest of the song out over top of his drumming. Jayson mixed the record on his laptop in Cleveland, and Jack Callahan mastered it in New York City. Chris Madak played synthesizer on ‘An Average World’.”

“It’s a quarantine album, so like…not actually recorded live,” Baldi added.: “It’s poppy and also kind of sad. which is more or less my state of mind.”

The band also confirmed that all proceeds raised from the sale of The Black Hole Understands’ will be donated to music-education nonprofits Play On Philly and the Rainey Institute.

The Black Hole Understands:

01 – ‘Story That I Live’
02 – ‘The Sound of Everyone’
03 – ‘An Average World’
04 – ‘A Weird Interaction’
05 – ‘Tall Gray Structure’
06 – ‘A Silent Reaction’
07 – ‘The Mess Is Permanent’
08 – ‘Right on the Edge’
09 – ‘Memory of Regret’
10 – ‘The Black Hole Understands’