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Clint Eastwood stars in the 'Cry Macho' trailer

American actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood has built his career out of a specific brand of masculinity which transformed him into one of the most celebrated actors of the 20th century. Apart from starring in cinematic masterpieces like Sergio Leone’s acclaimed Dollars Trilogy, Eastwood has also established himself as a talented filmmaker with works like Unforgiven and Mystic River under his belt.

Eastwood‘s latest project is a film adaptation of N. Richard Nash’s 1975 novel Cry Macho. In it, Eastwood plays the role of a washed-up rodeo star who takes on a job that involves guiding a young man from Mexico to his father in the US. However, the journey is full of peril and unexpected obstacles pop up which forces the ageing man to reflect on his life.

“It’s about a man who has been through some hard times in his life and then unexpectedly another challenge is brought to the foreground,” Eastwood revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “He would normally never do it but he is a man of his word. He follows through. And it starts his life over again.”

Stars like Pierce Brosnan and Arnold Schwarzenegger had previously been attached to a potential adaptation of Cry Macho but nothing came to fruition until October of last year when Eastwood decided to go ahead with the project. Filmed in New Mexico with cinematographer Ben Davis at the helm, Cry Macho is scheduled for release in September of this year and will be available for streaming on HBO Max.

Watch the trailer for Clint Eastwood’s new film Cry Macho here.