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(Credit: Just Stop Oil)


Climate protestors glue themselves to Vincent van Gogh painting

Climate activists from the ‘Just Stop Oil’ group have glued themselves to a painting by Vincent van Gogh in a London gallery, shortly after the same group did a similar act on a Horatio McCulloch piece in Glasgow.

According to the protestors, their mission was to urge “art institutions to join them in civil resistance,” as two of them glued themselves to van Gogh’s 1889 piece Peach Trees in Blossom at the Courtauld Gallery. The pair, 21-year-old Louis McKechnie and 24-year-old ​​Emily Brocklebank represented the environmental group who have caused several other disruptions across the country in the past few months.

In a statement released by the group, McKechnie commented: “It is immoral for cultural institutions to stand by and watch whilst our society descends into collapse…Galleries should close. Directors of art institutions should be calling on the government to stop all new oil and gas projects immediately”. 

As for why this particular piece of Vincent van Gogh’s work was targeted, Just Stop Oil claims that the beautiful landscape of the painting in Provence, France, may soon go through a severe drought that will disfigure the site. 

Releasing several videos across social media that document the incident, one caption read, “A piece of art receives this protection and state concern…Whilst peoples in Ethiopia, Somalia, India, Pakistan, the USA, Australia (to name a few) who are suffering from climate change NOW get ignored and left”. 

One of these protestors, Louis McKechnie, tied himself to a goalpost during a football match between Everton and Newcastle back in March 2022, halting the game for several minutes in favour of the same cause.