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(Credit: Paramount Pictures)


‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ shows up at CinemaCon

A new film adaptation of Norman Bridwell’s beloved book series Clifford the Big Red Dog is set for a premiere at the upcoming edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. Although it was scheduled for an earlier release, the project was delayed due to the global disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Paramount studios provided a glimpse of Clifford the Big Red Dog at the recent instalment of CinemaCon. The live-action adaptation already promises to be a fun ride for children who love Bridwell’s books. Due to the postponement of the theatrical release caused by the spike in the Delta variant cases, many fans have called for the film to be made available on streaming platforms.

Director Walt Becker commented: “It’s funny, it’s the exact opposite issues of scale. With Alvin and the Chipmunks, you’re dealing with characters that are 11 inches and you’re shooting them in a scene with a six-foot adult and it’s literally Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Clifford was the opposite, where he was the larger character than humans, who are smaller. For me, I just love dogs, in general. I just think the ability to communicate with your own dog is so universal.”

Adding, “No one should know as many shades of red that exist, as Jordan and I. Because this was a live-action movie with a CG character, the thought of making him look cartoony felt like we would be doing a disservice to the actual storytelling in a live-action format. So, very early on, Jordan and I both agreed that the way to do it is to create a dog that looked real and that was magical and grew 10 feet tall, and still felt like a real dog, but he also had to be red.”

Producer Jordan Kerner said: “I have three daughters, so upon first reading it to them and then reading it later, he is the obvious – he’s big and he’s red. Norman Bridwell, the illustrator and writer, created two sets of books. One is he’s an adult and he would change from eight feet tall to 35 feet, depending upon the book you were reading.”