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(Credit: Angela Ricciadi)


Claud releases melancholic 'Cuff Your Jeans'

Claud - 'Cuff Your Jeans'

Claud has shared their brand new single, melancholic beauty, ‘Cuff Your Jeans’.

The track is downbeat, introspective and offers up a different side to Claud than has previously been on show on singles like ‘Gold’ and ‘If I Were You’. That said, the shift away from their traditional sound works a treat. ‘Cuff Your Jeans’ is a pure delight as Claud expresses wanderlust and yearns to be with their desired person of affection. They longingly sing: “When are you going back to college? Remember how my dorm was haunted? Smoking in the cemetery, Getting older’s getting scary.”

“I wrote it after having a fever dream about trying to get on a train to see my friend but missing it over and over and over because there was always some obstacle in my way. The dream left me in a cold sweat and extremely frustrated,” Claud said in a statement about the track.

Adding: “All elements of this song are a much-needed form of rebellion against my redundant lifestyle, and my pitched-down vocals in the verses – which appear in a few more places throughout ‘Super Monster’ – are a way to further a more courageous and outspoken persona.”

Claud’s debut album Super Monster arrives on February 12th; it was announced back in October that they were the first act signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ new label, Saddest Factory, an imprint of Dead Oceans. “The vision of the label is simple: good songs, regardless of genre,” Bridgers said about her plans for the record. “I love thinking of bus bench ideas and Instagram filters and stuff. It’s very corporate of me, but I’m kind of obsessed,” she also told Billboard.

Securing Claud as her first artist was a statement of intent by Bridgers and saw her stick profusely to her initial comment about signing musicians based on ability rather than genre. The two musicians come from different musical worlds, but they do share the ability to write honest, real music that strikes a chord with a listener and ‘Cuff Your Jeans’ gleams towards a bright future for Claud.