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(Credit: Clairo)


Clairo reveals her biggest musical influences


American singer-songwriter Clairo got her start in the game quite young. In fact, she began making and posting her music on the internet when she was just 13. Now, a whole decade later, she’s still at it and going strong than ever.

Right now, Clairo is one of the biggest names associated with bedroom pop, which relies heavily on the chilled-out, self-produced aesthetic tones of lo-fi and soft pop. This is the kind of pop music teenagers can make themselves, which was perfect for Clairo’s beginnings, of course. But beyond the early days of finding her sound, something about light bedroom pop stuck, helping Clairo blossom into the artist she is today.

“I started playing instruments pretty early,” she once explained of her early start to making music. “The first and only instrument I ever properly learned was the saxophone in fourth grade. Everything else I’ve kind of taught myself over the course of a few years,” she added.

Much like her other bedroom pop contemporaries Girl in Red, Remi Wolf, and Gus Dapperton, you can hear an array of inspirations in Clairo’s sound. From catchy indie-rock leaning ‘Sofia’ to viral lo-fi track ‘Pretty Girl’, Clairo operates in a very specific, infectious sound. It might make sense to ask, “What exactly brought this identity about?”.

The answer from this young artist is heartfelt and sweet: she gets her impeccable taste from her parents. When asked about her biggest inspirations, Clairo said: “I’d say my musical influences are a mixture between my mom and dad’s musical taste. My dad introduced me to soul music like Al Green, Brenton Wood, Billy Paul, etc. My mom introduced me to alternative music like Cocteau Twins, Trashcan Sinatras, The The, Public Image Ltd, etc. I would say that I fall somewhere in between”.

It seems that musical prowess runs in the family for this one. Although her parents’ music tastes are no doubt a little different from her personal flow now, there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of variety in music taste. In fact, it tends to aid in stylistic development, especially for younger artists who have so much room for new directions in their work.

When it comes to her father’s soul music, you can certainly hear the influence of groovy beats and creative bass in her songs, but her mother’s taste seems to be at the forefront of her personal style — at least for now. Bedroom pop does have its roots in the alternative indie scene, even if it tends to centre on a younger crowd.

Even with Clairo’s viral success and life in the spotlight, it’s clear that she has so much up her sleeve. With her 2021 album featuring songs like ‘Blouse’ and “Amoeba’, it’s safe to say that she has plenty more to explore.

You can check out Clairo’s delightful bedroom-pop music and get ready for her upcoming tour, on which she’ll share the stage at New York’s Governor’s Ball and Primavera Sound in Los Angeles.

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