Circa Waves - Stuck In My Teeth


With yet another gloom filled, storm pending day behind us, Far Out Magazine are bringing a little sunshine to our otherwise dreary, sour lives with this indie-pop ditty from Liverpudlian charmers Circa Waves and their new track to be released later this month: Stuck In My Teeth. It’s as sweet as fizzy pop and only half as bad for you; it’s our Track of the Day.

We have a reputation here at Far Out for dredging up some of the darker elements of the alternative scene, and there’s nothing wrong with that, we in Britain spend most of our days in the blackening mire. But some days, like today, you need something a little lighter with a lot more bounce; the proverbial  Lucozade to the Monday morning hangover.

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Circa Waves are just that pick-me-up, they have the pop-sensbilities of Vampire Weekend with all the benefit of being British and fumblingly charming, like a set of Hugh Grants ready to pinch your wallet and girlfriend. Stuck In My Teeth fits within this aesthetic so easily it’s hard to imagine the band doing anything else, the track is jauntily bouncy with enough guitar grit to sink your teeth in to and the rock and roll swagger of a late-naughties Strokes.

Certain to light up dance floors across the country with it’s anti-ageing lyrics and cherub smiling delivery Stuck In My Teeth is a times a perfect pop record. It’s polite personality doesn’t detract from the song’s rightful place in the rock and roll roster, however. The raucous rhythm mashed with a filthy sub-text and delicate guitar picking to rouse anyone with feet to dance away the crescendo, plays testament to that.

As I said, this may not be the norm from Far Out, we like our bands dark and dangerous, normally. Circa Waves though have something different apart from the indie-pop dancefloor frolics: they have charming, feet pounding fun.


Jack Whatley