Circa Waves - Good For Me


If The Vaccines had a bastard child with The Strokes it would cry a little like Circa Waves. This combination of plain, smoking gun riffs and teenage heartbreak vocals, all backed with an endless amount of rhythm has produced Good For Me the new release from the Scouse band, it’s out on Kissability Records and it’s our Track Of The Day.

The explanation of this song is fairly straight forward; riff, rhythm and rhyme. But when did such things become tainted with the incredibly boring ‘it’s too simple’, lest we forget that a simple song is a complex thing to master. Circa Waves have done that on this track with effortless ease.

Shudall’s detailing of the quest to find someone to settle down with is charming and childish in equally pleasing measures, naivety and innocence shining brightly against a decisively disco beat. That innocence, however, will be lost on the intended audience as this song screams of a dancefloor filler and any attempt to decipher lyrical meaning between screaming comrades and dancing feet will be futile. This song is designed to be a  release of pent up frustration disguised as the very thing it is admonishing.

Penned as a story of unfound love in a love filled city, Good For Me will most certainly be  enjoyed by young men and women finding their common ground on a track designed fill the dancefloor with everyone, not, ‘the one’. Their ‘Vaccines for 2014’ tag will be hard to shake but these boys are proud of their indie-pop roots and will unafraid, continue to create songs for people to dance to, not analyse.

Therein lies the foundations of this band and at the risk of analysing the song too thoroughly i suggest you neck a couple of WKD’s, drop an eccy or two and dance the night away with Circa Waves and Good For Me. 


Jack Whatley