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Circa Waves - Fossils


Circa Waves have been on the peripheries of the scene for months now, hinting at exploding but never quite hitting the big red button. Well, BOOM! Here it is, the lads from Liverpool have slammed a big riffing fist on it. ‘Fossils’ is our Track of the Day.

Reminiscent of when The Maccabees first started tearing young, indie-dripping hearts apart in 2007 the track kicks off with strings tinged with adolescence and are determined to make you dance. And dance you should, the Liverpudlian quartet are always full of dancing and are kings of not demeaning the genre but still playing to their strengths.

Circa Waves‘ strengths lie firmly in songs like ‘Fossils’ where tales of love and lost minds intertwine with a dancefloor filler riff and a rhythm which moves hips and propels us towards a sunset finish. It’s simple, effective, doused in pop sensibilities and destined to fill clubs across the land, and probably Made in Chelsea too.

Expect to hear ‘Fossils’ at the band’s own Christmas Party, details here.

Jack Whatley