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Circa Waves are hitting the big time with ‘Loves Run Out’

Circa Waves are set for one of those summers as they gear up to hit the big time with performances at Glastonbury and Radio 1’s Big Weekend. And although we hope for your sanity you won’t be at either of these festivals, it does speak of the huge leaps Circa Waves have made over the recent years.

The second album Different Creatures reached a far wider audience than their first effort and has now seen them fly off in to the musical stratosphere. The heavier sound has definitely left heads gladly sore. New track and video from that album departs from this narrative but nevertheless, ‘Loves Run Out’ shows a band in full swing.

The quaint ballad, feels touching and honest, the video follows suit. Clips feel like memories, faded with nostalgia and coloured with ‘what could’ve been or what might still be’. This is a different Circa Waves, in so many ways.