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Credit: Peaky Blinders / BBC


Cillian Murphy set for return to BBC 6Music residency


And for the first time in a long time, a call of Hurray! echoes around the UK, as the news spreads the Cillian Murphy’s 6Music show is set to return. 

In an official press release, the BBC reported: “As the seasons change and the nights draw in, BBC Radio 6 Music brings listeners a treasure trove of goodies for this autumn, including the long-awaited return of Cillian Murphy.”

The tastemaking Cillian Murphy, who recently revealed his ten favourite songs of all time, is set to present the first of his new six-part series, Cillian Murphy’s Limited Edition, on Sunday 31st of October. 

Carrying on from his previous sonic gift of playlists and chat for the midnight hours, the show also has a few new features to boast. This includes something that is being dubbed “Ask A Reasonable Question, in which listeners can quiz Cillian by emailing their questions to [email protected].”

Building up to the release of the series, Cillian Murphy has remarked: “One of my favourite things in the world is playing music on my favourite radio station in the world… 6 Music. Thanks for having me back, can’t wait.”

Seeing as though the previous instalment was one of the best radio shows in recent times, many fans share Murphy’s excitement in anticipating its return to pilfer the playlists for new tracks and celebrate the beauty of old favourites once more

It has also been revealed that a Cillian Murphy’s Limited Edition box set, which will include all episodes from the autumn 2021 and autumn 2020 series, will be available to listen to on-demand on BBC Sounds in the coming weeks.

Whether the shows will feature one Murphy’s ten favourite tracks, like the masterpiece, is for us to eagerly find out.