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Cillian Murphy once gave his Peaky Blinders cap to David Bowie

While the current health crisis has forced both the music and film industries to halt their creative spark, it has offered us the chance to revisit some wonderful crossover moments involving some now-iconic names. Exploring the Far Out archives once more, we revisit a wonderful meeting between Cillian Murphy and David Bowie.

Actor Murphy, who build an impressive career through the world of short and independent film, has played a lead role in the supremely popular television series Peaky Blinders and, with it, enjoyed critical and commercial success. Given its rise to fame, the plaudits have poured in thick and fast since it first premiere in 2013. With a number of high-profile fans, Murphy once revealed that the late David Bowie was a big supporter of BBC TV show and was gifted a very special piece of the show before he passed away.

Murphy, previously speaking on the red carpet prior to a premiere of the most recent series of the drama, explained that the show’s popularity has risen to heights that he and the show’s creators never really expected. The actor, who plays the role of Thomas ‘Tommy’ Shelby, detailed an encounter with Bowie which occurred prior to his death. The Starman, always one for sentimental signs of appreciation, once sent Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight an early copy of his most recent album.

Murphy, in response to Bowie’s seal of approval, sent the iconic singer the cap he used while filming the first series as a Christmas present. “We were friends and I sent him the cap from the first series as a Christmas present,” Murphy explained in a past interview with Birmingham Live. “He was a very sweet man and a genuine fan of Peaky Blinders, and I was a huge, huge David Bowie fan.

“He was very private and probably wouldn’t like all this fuss,” he continued in reference to the musician’s death. “It’s sad, isn’t it?” he added.

Adding to the Bowie and Peaky Blinders loving, the show’s creator Knight explained: “We all grew up with David Bowie and he’s a hero,” before adding that his fandom was a major reason why they included a song from Blackstar on the upcoming new series.

He added: “It’s a major thing that someone like that was a fan of the show. He said he wanted his music to be part of it, but at the time I didn’t know it was his dying wish.”