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Cigarettes After Sex with an incredible NPR Tiny Desk Concert


It’s easy to get lost in the myriad of live sessions that magazines, radio stations and other media offer to artists. They’re a great way to see a band you love in a new light. NPR and their Tiny Desk Concert is one of the best of these formats and when Cigarettes After Sex came along to play the TDC there was an expectant hush.

Not least because of the hushed tones with which frontman Greg Gonzlaez utters every indulgent lyric, but also the sheer attention needed to appreciate the soundscapes that the band create.

The opening track ‘K’ is also the opener for their debut self-titled album, which we ranked very highly in our 50 best albums of the year, and is just as stunning here as when we first listened to it.

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There’s something truly encapsulating and beholding about the combination of the layered but subtle musical landscape being peppered with lyrics that are boiled down to their poignant essence.

Take a look below and enjoy. Lord knows we did.

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