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Credit: Shervin


Cigarettes After Sex share lead single ‘Apocalypse’ from their self-titled debut album


With a sold-out April tour on the way Cigarettes After Sex have announced their debut LP, the self-titled album is due for release on 9th June with Partisan Records and if the lead single, also shared today, ‘Apocalypse’ is anything to go by it is going to be beyond a dream.

The single is what we have greedily come to expect from CAS, a ripple of guitars like a lake shore, gently lapped and repeated with a natural grace whilst a star-scape vocal shines overhead. It’s an enchanting entrance to the world of Cigarettes After Sex and the perfect doorway in to what the album holds.

Greg Gonzalez says of the album “This is like the novel or feature-length version of Cigarettes. “I wanted it to feel like a complete work, where some of the imagery repeats – like it’s all in the same world. It’s very much a fulfilment of the feelings in the short works.”