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Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry slams Donald Trump over Texas shooting


Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry has hit out at United States president Donald Trump over Texas shooting.

A tragic incident occurred when a “young, white male” gunman killed 26 innocent people and injured 20 more before being found dead in a car a few miles away. Speaking in Japan after the incident, Trump seemingly blamed mental health issues in his explanation for the disaster. “We have a lot of mental health problems in our country, as do other countries, but this isn’t a guns situation,” he stated. “We could go into it but it’s a little bit soon to go into it. Fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction, otherwise it wouldn’t have been as bad as it was, it would have been much worse.

“This is a mental health problem at the highest level. It’s a very sad event… these are great people at a very, very sad event, but that’s the way I view it.”

However Mayberry, who now lives in America, recalled memories of Britain’s Dunblane shooting as a reference into stricter gun control ridiculing Trump’s views with aplomb.

“It is a mental health issue, and it’s somewhere on the scale from ironic to disgustingly hypocritical that Donald Trump is talking about mental health with regards to this attack when his administration has done nothing but try to restrict access to help get care for people who need it the most, but it’s also about gun control,” she said.

“You can’t stop everything bad from happening in the world; you can’t take away people’s impulse to do things like this but you can restrict their access to resources that would allow them to murder on a much bigger scale.”

“Mike Pence is among one of many republicans who take thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars from the NRA every single year, and he wants to talk about prayers and religion and being a good Christian,” she said.  “My thoughts and sadness and outrage are 100 percent with the people who lost loved ones yesterday, and in all these other horrific attacks, but prayers are not what stopped more atrocities like Dunblane from happening in the United Kingdom. Gun control did.”