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Chvrches discuss Robert Smith collaboration: "He was really hands-on with every aspect"


Chvrches returned to their high-calibre form last week when they released their fourth studio album, Screen Violence. After the hyper-pop of Love is Dead, the Glasgow trio were once again able to balance their bright and shiny synth-pop sound with darker themes and lyrics that give’s their style a signature edge.

When plundering their influences to take their new album in a weightier, more gothic direction, an obvious name came up: The Cure’s Robert Smith. All of the members were raised on Smith’s mix of pop and psychedelic dirges, and a direct line can be traced from the electronic buzz of ‘A Forest’ to pretty much every single Chvrches song.

Initially, the band were expecting to simply channel Smith for their track ‘How Not To Drown’. That was until Smith caught wind of it and offered his services. The already-methodical machine that produced Chvrches music was given an additional collaborator, one who evidently took his job very seriously.

“The exchanges were surprising in that he is like super, super detailed and really technical,” band member Iain Cook revealed to Musicfeeds. “I don’t know why, but I assumed he would just be like, ‘OK, here’s my stuff, do with it what you want and hope for the best.'”

“But he was really hands-on with every aspect of how the mix ended up being – and we loved that because that’s exactly how we are as musicians as well,” Cook continued. “We loved that somebody with his stature and legendary status would actually give a shit about this sort of collaboration in the way that he did.”

“It wasn’t surprising that he was an absolutely lovely man. Very funny,” Cook concluded.

Check out the collaboration between Chvrches and Robert Smith, ‘How Not to Drown’, down below. Screen Violence is available to buy and stream right now.