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Credit Chupa Cabra


Chupa Cabra question the internet overlord on 'Russian Models'


There’s a thud at the door and it’s too dangerous to let through the threshold. The latest track from Chupa Cabra is an untethered urban ode to the almighty algorithm. ‘Russian Models’ is our Track of the Day.

Two minutes and 28 seconds is all it takes to understand exactly what Chupa Cabra are all about. The new track is the first out on the brilliant Trasmouth Records and follows ‘Violent Urges’.

‘Russian Dolls’ is straight out of the punk b-movie handbook and sees the zombie band deliver us a reminder of internet overlord. As the band put it, “’Russian Models’ is a fuzz-hymn to The Algorithm.”

“O Algorithm! You keep the world happy and complacent, for your love means I will not have to suffer anything I do not wish to see, like adverts for crackers, or images of Ricky Gervais or crackers.”

Aside from any political statement on our society the band may or may not be making on ‘Russian Dolls’ the track is bruising punk number that only speaks well of a highly charged outfit that is comping at the bit.

While a new video is under construction, for now, the blistering track should make an evening drinking and looking at our phones even more questionable. Check out Chupa Cabra’s ‘Russian Models’ below.