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Chrvches' Laura Mayberry subjected to terrible abuse for wet-look hair... seriously

How can wet-look hair and a slightly short dress make you a “slut” or a “whore”? Is a question we never thought we would have to answer. But of course the answer is, when a video goes on to the forum site 4chan and humanity’s inner nobhead comes out to play behind the shield of a computer screen.

Chvrches lead singer Laura Mayberry was yesterday subjected to some horrific abuse for, wait for it, having a slightly short dress and wet look hair. And also having the audacity not to feature the two male members of the band – though i am quite sure they have mouths.

She has been targeted because of her previous stance against the objectification of women, where she wrote and open letter for The Guardian. The abuse lies in the new video for the defiantly uplifting track ‘Leave A Trace’ where Mayberry dances in a black dress with wet hair. The 4chan community of cretins decided that because of this she was a hypocrite and deserved to be ‘slut-shamed’, she was called a “whore”,”slut” or in a charming change of pace was objectified by people proclaiming to protect her because they wanted to “fuck” her.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a person who is a clear campaigner for women’s rights is objectified and typified in one swoop of a keyboard and even sadder still that it’s happening as we speak.

Misogyny is real and it sits behind a keyboard