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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Christopher Nolan's brother's unusual occupation

The Nolan brothers can boast some of the most extraordinary accomplishments. It wouldn’t be so farfetched to say that each and every one of them has some of the most fantastical imaginations. The most famous one, of course, is Christopher, a critically acclaimed filmmaker who has directed some of this century’s greatest epic journeys of extravagant cinematography. 

He started as an independent filmmaker; his debut in 1998 was made on a small budget, called Following, an art-house crime thriller. His next film was his commercial breakthrough and established Nolan’s distinct style of non-linear narrative storytelling, called Memento, starring Guy Pierce. 

The other brother is a writer too. Jonathan Nolan has helped his brother Christopher with Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight Rises, and Interstellar. To say the least, the two brothers have quite the imagination.

What might not be quite as well known is that Jonathan and Christopher have an older brother, and he has quite the imagination as well. The only difference is though, Jonathan and Christopher write stories, whereas Matthew Nolan lives them. He is allegedly an assassin who was hired to retrieve a considerable sum of money, and in the process, allegedly killed his victim. 

In 2010, Matthew Nolan was imprisoned and attempted to escape in a fashion not unlike how Batman would attempt to escape. 

Nolan was allegedly wanted for the murder of an American financier, Robert Cohen. Cohen worked for the millionaire gem dealer Robert Breska, who was eventually sentenced to jail in the 1980s when he was exposed as a drug trafficker. Breska would allegedly lose five million dollars which he blamed Cohen for. 

Breska is said to have hired Nolan to find him in Costa Rica. Allegedly, Nolan and his partner then tortured Cohen who eventually died accidentally during the process. 

It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Christopher Nolan was inspired by his brother’s story.

Matthew Nolan, while in prison in Chicago, attempted to escape but failed. He was subsequently charged with an additional 14 months in jail on top of his other charges. After finding Nolan, the authorities discovered a razor, a harness, a metal clip, and a 31-foot piece of rope, according to NBC Chicago. 

In addition, the court ruled that there was “insufficient evidence” to extradite Nolan to Costa Rica on the kidnapping and murder charges that were brought against him. He did, however, get tried on having fake documents which he used to assume a false identity.