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(Credit: Harald Krichel)


Christian Bale reveals people "laughed" at the idea of a "serious" Batman

Many iconic actors have taken on the responsibility of portraying the caped crusader of Gotham City – Batman. While Robert Pattinson earned acclaim for his recent performance as the highly popular superhero, some fans still think that Christian Bale was the best Batman of all time under the expert direction of Christopher Nolan.

In an interview, Bale spoke about his recent involvement in Thor: Love and Thunder and recalled how people laughed at him when he first told them that his rendition of Batman would be a serious one. Bale said: “I would [tell people] we’re going to sort of do Batman, but take him seriously. I had tons of people laugh at me and just say, ‘Well that’s just not going to work at all.'”

Talking about his re-entry into the domain of superhero films, Bale claimed that the new trends of Marvel films was shaped by the influential achievements of Nolan’s trilogy. He explained: “So, it’s wonderful to be a part of a trilogy that proved those people wrong. I’m not certain if it kick-started [the MCU] but it certainly helped along the way.”

When asked about his future plans for other superhero films, the actor revealed that he was open to any such opportunities that came his way: “I don’t have any goodbye and thank you unless other people say to me ‘Goodbye and thank you, please never revisit this again,’ then I’ll take their word for it.”

Commenting on the critical backlash against the market domination of superhero flicks, Bale added: “A good story is a good story. A good film is a good film. And a good director is a good director. And I’m open to any of those ideas.”

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