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Chris Noth accused of sexual assault by two women

American actor Chris Noth, well known for his performances on wildly popular television shows such as Law & Order as well as Sex and the City, has been accused of sexual assault by two women. The alleged victims came forward and shared their accounts through anonymous means.

These accounts were brought forth by The Hollywood Reporter under the pseudonyms of Zoe (40) and Lily (31). Zoe recalled that she had been working at an entertainment firm after graduating college in 2004 when Noth allegedly began to harass her by obtaining her number from the office’s employee records and calling her incessantly.

Eventually, it is alleged that the actor managed to get her to come to his pool in his West Hollywood building where she accompanied Noth in the hot tub along with her best friend from college. According to Zoe, the actor left a book outside which she tried to return but she was assaulted by Noth who “pulled her toward him, moved her toward the bed, pulled off her shorts and bikini bottom, and began to rape her from behind” even though she yelled, “Stop!”.

Zoe claimed that Noth only laughed at her when she asked him to use protection at least, after which she was taken to a hospital by her friend where she received treatment for the trauma she suffered. Even though she had to provide a report to police officers, Zoe did not accuse Noth directly at the moment because she thought she would lose her entry-level job if she spoke out against a big name in the industry.

These accounts have been confirmed by her friend, her boss, as well as the University of California-Los Angeles Rape Crisis Center, even though they don’t have proper records from 2004. As for Lily, she was working at a nightclub in New York in 2015 when Noth allegedly asked her out and invited her to his apartment after hours where he tried to make out with her and told her this marriage was a “sham”.

“And then the next thing I knew, he pulled down his pants and he was standing in front of me,” Lily described, claiming that the actor “thrust his penis into her mouth [before] having sex with me from the back in a chair”. She said that she was crying while it happened and called her friend in tears afterwards, which her friend confirmed. Noth asked her to not talk about this to anyone and continued to text her for a month.

The Hollywood Reporter has also pointed out that the two survivors are not collaborating because these leads were pursued separately with an intermediate period of a few months between them. Noth has denied the allegations as “categorically false” and said: “No always means no. That is a line I did not cross. The encounters were consensual. It’s difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out. I don’t know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women.”