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Chris Hemsworth names his favourite band of all time

Chris Hemsworth has enjoyed a meteoric career trajectory, emerging as one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Starting out in Australian soaps and TV shows, Hemsworth experienced a massive breakthrough when he was cast as Thor which introduced him to a widespread global audience and solidified his status within the film industry.

Recently, Hemsworth reprised his role as Thor in the latest Marvel project Thor: Love and Thunder which is set to be released this week. Directed by Taika Waititi, the film will feature Hemsworth alongside the likes of Christian Bale and Natalie Portman among others who will also star in this highly anticipated project.

During the promotion campaign for Thor: Love and Thunder, Hemsworth appeared in multiple interviews to talk about his future as well as his past. He featured in a WIRED special where celebrities are asked to answer some of the most searched questions about themselves, commenting on various topics such as his hobbies and music tastes.

On previous occasions, Hemsworth cited Van Morrison as his favourite songwriter of all time due to fond childhood memories: “I remember growing up listening to Van Morrison with my dad. He had the record player out and endless amounts of albums playing always, and I still love him. He kind of fits any mood.”

However, his favourite band of all time is actually an Australian outfit called The Teskey Brothers who have gained national recognition due to their unique blues rock sound. For Hemsworth, their music has been a constant source of comfort and the actor even claimed that he listens to them irrespective of the mood he is in.

Talking about their work and the artistic sensibilities present throughout their oeuvre, Hemsworth claimed that the lead singer’s voice is one of the reasons why he loves the band so much: “I’d say The Teskey Brothers, Australian singer-songwriter, folk bluesy kind of vibe. The lead singer has one of the best voices in the music game, I think.”

The actor added: “It has a sort of Van Morrison, Ray LaMontagne, Nina Simone, Otis Redding… There’s just a mixture of all these other artists and quite a nostalgia to their music which I find is enjoyable and calming and I can have it on in the background or I can crank it up at a party. Either/or. They fit all of my moods.”

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