Choose which photos you print out with Fujifilm new mini instant cameras

With the popularity of nostalgic items such as vinyl records, vintage consoles and clothing on the up, people are returning to the physical and bulky tech of their youth. In tune with this is Fujifilm’s new instant cameras. The days were taking out of focused or overexposed shots are back. But, Fuji has taken this one step further with their new Instax’s new Square SQ10.

Available in two colours black and pearly beige the Instax SQ10 is perfect for holidays, birthdays and a quirky addition to any wedding.

It has all the nostalgia of the old Polaroid cameras but with the benefits of new technology. It allows you to select and edit images on an LCD monitor before printing them out. As well as allowing you to select it has a “Motion-Mode” that allows you to shoot video up to 15 seconds and select the best frame to print.

The “Time Shift Collage” feature enables you to take four images with a time difference with one click of a button. There is the option of using a micro SD card to capture more images and help with the new video feature.

It also has a range of editing features such as 16 filters to help improve your images before printing. Such filters as monochrome, sepia and amber can be added for a retro feel. With these easy to use filters, you can create high contrast photos with ease.

Released on October 20th online for around £180 it is a perfect nostalgia item for travel trips.