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(Credit: Mark Marek)


Chi Pig, the frontman of SNFU, had died aged 57


Chi Pig, founder and frontman of Canadian punk band SNFU, has passed away aged 57.

The musician, born Born Kendall Chinn, is said to have been diagnosed with an illness in November 2019 in which he was advised to only have one month to live. While few details of the cause of death have been released, it has been confirmed that the musician died Thursday, July 16th.

Chinn, who was the second youngest of 12 children, was born to German and Chinese parents in 1962. Living through an unstable family unit, Chinn battled significant mental health struggles throughout his childhood which included traumatic episodes and, later in life, he was diagnosed as schizophrenia

Given his struggles, Chinn channelled his issues into music as an escape and established himself as a main player in the punk genre after forming a number of bands such as Live Sex Shows and, of course, Society’s No Fucking Use which would later lead his critical success.

Tributes have already started arriving for Chinn: “On behalf of Ken’s family, to his punk rock family,” Dave Bacon wrote on social media.”It breaks my heart to say this, but our beloved friend has left this mortal coil just a short while ago.

“He is now at peace. May he live on in our hearts and memories forever.”