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Cherry Glazerr release impassioned statement on music industry sexism

Cherry Glazerr have released a passionate statement detailing the sexism they have received while working in the music industry.

The band, who formed in LA back in 2013, have released two studio albums in that time and toured extensively across Europe and North America while playing major festivals in the process.

Now, in a statement posted on social media, the band said: “The amount of sexism that my band and sound engineer/tour manager face on the road is simply unreal sometimes,” they wrote.

“It’s outrageous. We walk into a venue and people look the other way. They treat us with open hostility. They ignore us, call us names.”

On top of that, the band asking for help from a venue resulted in staff disapproval: “they roll their eyes and laugh at us, as if to say ‘of course you need help.’ When in fact it’s their job to help us. Any band. It makes me sick, fills me with a rage that I know can’t be healthy for me.”

Read the statement in full, here: