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Chemtrails new track ‘Headless Pin Up Girl’ a surf inspired ode to transition

The London quintet, Chemtrails, have just started to make real waves across the music scene with their surf-inspired sound (ouch, pun). The new track ‘Headless Pin Up Girl’ is the title song from the upcoming EP and marks a distinct moment in the band’s career.

As much as this may act as a landmark for the band it will be felt more personally by band leader Mia Lust who uses this to showcase personal struggles. Lust manages to convey the sense of technically being allowed to fulfil one’s dreams, ambitions and wants but still having to deal with the inevitable backlash for pursuing that. Over some salt-bleached harmonies and fuzzy lo-fi strings Lust takes you on a journey, one which ends with Lust’s eventual decision to come out as transgender and begin transitioning.

Lust further explains: “Headless Pin Up Girl” is a song I actually wrote a few years ago, and the last song I wrote before deciding to come out as transgender and begin transition. The title was inspired by online crossdressing forums I used to visit, which had a lot of pictures of people dressed up all pretty and femme, but with their heads out of shot to hide their identities. The song says as much as I could possibly say at the time without just stating the fact that I’m trans, but it could equally well be about anyone that knows the feeling of not being able to be themselves, or anyone that has kept secrets out of shame and embarrassment.”

The message is important, the delivery is impeccable. Get to know Chemtrails quickly.