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Chastity Belt's Julia Shapiro announces debut solo album


Chastity Belt lead singer and guitarist Julia Shapiro has announced the impending release of her debut solo album Perfect Version.

Shapiro, taking a hands on approach with her first album, recorded every instrument herself. It’s a process that seems fitting with the formation of this deeply personal material, a creative output in which Shapiro details a difficult period of her life. “How can someone be so blindly confident/I wanna know that trick,” she sings on the album’s lead single ‘Natural’.

This period of difficulty for Shapiro began in April 2018 when, flying home from a cancelled Chastity Belt tour, she began to struggle with health, relationship and general life issues: “I was really struggling; I was really depressed. I felt like I couldn’t sing or be a person,” Shapiro explains. “At that point I couldn’t even imagine playing a show again, I was so over it.”

Returning home to a newly empty Seattle one-bedroom apartment, Shapiro had wanted for a long time to learn how to record and mix her own music, and out of the uncertainty of the future of her music career and her health, she began to record the songs that would become Perfect Version, her solo debut for Hardly Art.

Over the course of a tumultuous year of trying to find stability amidst depression and surgery, Shapiro ultimately rediscovered the parts of music that she loved through the process. “When the rest of my life felt out of control, I felt like this was my chance to be in control of everything,” says Shapiro.

Here it is: