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Credit: Raph_PH


Charlotte Gainsbourg to star in new WWII spy thriller ‘Lives In Secret’


Charlotte Gainsborough has signed on to star in a World War Two thriller in which she will play an intelligence officer whose mission is to discover the fate of the missing agents under her command in occupied France during the war.

The project will be directed by John Hay, previously known for There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble and most recently the Roald Dahl and Patricia Neal story, To Olivia. Hugh Bonneville, who starred as Roald Dahl in Hay’s last outing, is set to star alongside Gainsbourg.

Deadline has reported that the agent depicted in the movie is the famed spy Vera Atkins who is said to have inspired the legendary James Bond character, Miss Moneypenny, in Ian Fleming’s original novels. 

Vera Atkins is also said to have interrogated the notorious commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Rudolf Hess as part of her investigation. 

Vera Atkins’ life was documented in Sarah Helm’s 2005 book Life In Secret which the film is based on with John Hay and Rik Charmichael adapting the novel for the screenplay and the project is set to commence filming around autumn this year with no release date yet scheduled. 

Charlotte Gainsbourg is the daughter of iconic French musician Serge Gainsbourg, who passed away on this day 30 years ago. You can see her star alongside her father in the incredibly controversial video for his song ‘Lemon Incest’, below.