Charlotte Gainsbourg covers Kanye's 'Runaway'

Charlotte Gainsbourg treated everyone a few days ago to something truly special. While on a French TV show, ‘Taratata’, she decided to cover one of Kanye West’s hits ‘Runaway’, and it was obviously the best he’s ever sounded.

Having made 2017 the date the for her return to the stage, Gainsbourg delivered a truly mesmerising album titled Rest, which we put in at number 25 for the best albums of the year.


Now she’s done everyone a further favour and turned Kanye West’s track ‘Runaway’, from his album Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, in to something we can all enjoy. Taking on the hit was always going to be daunting but as you might imagine Gainsbourg isn’t fased by much and she simply side-stepped the rapping verse by simply whispering it – and to devastating effect.

Take a look here 

Gainsbourg recently released new video for ‘Lying With You’ which you can see below.