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Charles Howl - Going Down With a Hi

London indie outfit Charles Howl released their debut LP Sir Vices earlier this week and to celebrate, Far Out has made ‘Going Down With a Hi’ Track of the Day.

We’ve been casually tracking this band for a while now, ever since early gems like ‘Garden Train’ began popping up in late 2013.

With members of Let’s Wrestle and the Proper Ornaments coming together to make this a kind of underground indie super-group of sorts, it is understandable that the album – released by Ample Play Records – has taken a while to materialise.

What’s more, the sound on ‘Going Down With a Hi’ takes quite a different approach to the fuzzier, more high octane output that we had come to expect.

Instead, the song veers towards swirling psych-pop, relying more on the enchantment and otherworldliness of jangling chords, as opposed to industrialism and brute force. Think the Stone Roses as opposed to the Jesus and Mary Chain this time around.

The result is a fantastic collage of harmonies that seems to enlighten the ear further every time we listen to it. Listen to ‘Going Down With a Hi below and if you like it, head straight to Ample Play to purchase Sir Vices now.

Patrick Davies