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Listen to Chappaqua Wrestling's mighty new single 'The Rift'

Chappaqua Wrestling - 'The Rift'

Brighton based band Chappaqua Wrestling’s mighty new single, ‘The Rift’, is the sound of a band stepping up their game and sees them unleash their heavier side on this huge track which is Far Out’s track of the day.

‘The Rift’, which arrives a matter of months after their stunning previous single ‘Football’, has seen the five-piece band led by Charlie Woods and Jake Mac take full advantage of being unable to get out there and play shows. Instead, they have spent these lost months to good use by creating magic in the studio.

Their latest effort has shown the band showcase their brutal side with monster riffs that create this sonic explosion which confirms the directional change that the band hinted at on ‘Football’. Chappaqua Wrestling isn’t afraid to change things up and this openness to their approach has reaped dividends none more so than on ‘The Rift’.

“The Rift’ is a track about conflict, acknowledging the increasing divisions within society, and calling out those that turn the blind eye,” says vocalist Charlie Woods. The theme of the track being about change is also fitting with where the band currently are sonically.

“Events from the last year have got to a global boiling point and creatively this has taken us to the same place. It’s the most powerful track we’ve released so far, and it amplifies our perception on how the last year or so has felt,” Woods added.

The track features some poignant poetic social commentary about the people who are letting the world turn to mush, “The sheep that smile, Change just to fiction, Get off the train” Woods sings on the spectacular grunge throwback.

Chappaqua Wrestling’s new track is also the latest episode of Far Out Magazine’s new Facebook series ‘Emerging Sounds’, a project which shines a light on some of the best new music that’s simmering under the radar right now.

Get stuck in to the meaty ‘The Rift’, below.