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(Credit: Alamy/Wikimedia)


Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy are set to star in new Afghanistan evacuation drama

After the relative success of the 2020 drama The Banker which follows the story of two of the first African American bankers in US history, writer and filmmaker George Nolfi is already working on a new political film. Nolfi’s last project had a stellar cast featuring the likes of Anthony Mackie and Nicholas Hoult whose performances contributed to some of the acclaim that the film received.

In an interview, Nolfi explained: “I would say, because I studied a lot of economics and political science, I certainly was familiar with the importance of the movement of capital into businesses and into private hands, and the way that allows the economic engine to go, society-wide as well as with individuals, being able to start businesses and buy houses. As to the specifics of the arcana of banking laws and also of property valuation, that was all stuff that I had to go and talk to experts about, and then get back into my math brain and figure out how all that stuff worked.”

According to Nolfi, the research is the most important aspect when it comes to writing a screenplay. The screenwriter-director commented: “Well, it starts with the research. When you listen to somebody talk for eight hours, you get a real sense not only of their facts of their life, at least as they tell it, but also their emotionality, their ability, their drive, how they approach problems and so forth.”

Adding, “I think we’re in a period where our politics are very divisive. I don’t just mean in America. I mean worldwide. Many nations are in this cycle. I hope it’s a cycle that passes. Obviously there’s an ebb and flow to politics, and you can take certain policies too far. The notion that we look for our differences before we look for what makes us the same is ultimately dangerous to the prosperous and democratic world that we have created.”

Nolfi’s latest project is going to focus on the geopolitical conflicts in Afghanistan after the takeover by the terrorist forces of Taliban, plunging the country into a new era of dogmatic oppression. Most details aren’t confirmed yet but Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy are set to star in this new drama which will revolve around America’s evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.