Chaika continue to make us wince with pleasure on ‘I Fall’


The Leeds quartet continue to demonstrate the dark and brooding power of post-punk on their newest track ‘I Fall’. Following the ever-so-slightly deranged sounds of ‘The Quietness’ Chaika have given us a slightly more hook laden track with ‘I Fall’.

Dabbled with psyche tinges the post-punk track has a fantastic energy which hints at the haunting but never fully goes under. Keeping the pulse of rhythm running throughout the song is left to the rhythm and the excellent vocal from Evans.

Evans said of the track  “‘I Fall’ saw us writing about writing. From Philip Larkin to Charles Bukowski, the track charts the necessary enslavement of a writer to the craft; an experience which is one part ecstasy, one part terror. Abetted by the repetitive march of instrumentation, it’s a matter of stoic commitment.”