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(Credit: Michael Baker / A.M.P.A.S)


Chadwick Boseman’s brother talks about recasting 'Black Panther'

When Chadwick Boseman was preparing for the role of Black Panther, many people told him that a mainstream film like a Marvel project could never be a hit if the protagonist had an accent like that of T’Challa. However, Boseman proved everyone wrong by not only playing the role with the necessary power and transforming the film into a bonafide cultural phenomenon.

Unfortunately, Boseman succumbed to the complications caused by cancer before he could take the legacy of this cultural moment forward. Many fans have asked for a continuation to the Black Panther arc while others have claimed that there is nobody who could fill Boseman’s shoes. Marvel’s vice-president of development Nate Moore has also shut down all hopes of an addition by claiming that T’Challa will not be recast.

Recently, Boseman’s brother Derrick spoke about the decision to not recast the iconic character by claiming that it was the wrong way to treat the legacy of his brother. He claimed that Boseman would have wanted to see someone else take on the iconic role because T’Challa “was bigger than one guy” and that the power the character possessed was meant for the world.

According to Derrick, the idea of a Black king in a popular mainstream film is far too important to be discarded after the untimely passing of Boseman. Derrick believe that Marvel is “depriving Black kids of a role model” and that this isn’t what Boseman stood for at all when he was alive and advocated for the appropriate representation of the marginalised Black community in the corrupt world of Hollywood.

While discussing the role, Derrick referred to T’Challa as “a symbol of Black people’s potential” in a world where there weren’t too many inspirational figures for the Black youth growing up. That is exactly why it is vital to keep the legacy of Black Panther alive instead of making it stagnant by crystallising Boseman as the one and only Black Panther, argued Derrick.