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Chad VanGaalen Where Are You?


You can consider Far Out Magazine’s Track of the Day a treat for the eyes as much as the ears thanks to Chad VanGaalen’s most recent release, ‘Where Are You?’.

The single comes from a Canadian musician who also considers himself an Illustrator/mountain dweller, preparing to release ‘Shrink Dust’, his fifth album, on April 28th in the UK via Sub Pop.

Chad VanGaalen, a father of two, with claims from his press release to have ‘several hundred releases to his name(s)’, plays in two bands with his kids (the improvised hardcore punk duo, Crocodile Teeth & The Snugglers, and the live techno band, Banana Bread).  At one point, Chad and his daughters conspired to replace the name, “Chad VanGaalen” with “Banana Bread,” as his main performing identity: 

“Everyone was like, ‘What the F? You’re going to change your name to Banana Bread?!’”

The single and accompanying video though, is a combination of the distorted and manic lo-fi pop that persists on sucking you into VanGaalens imagination, forcing you to deploy your utmost concentration before your mind wanders into places unknown leaving you wondering what you’ve done with the last 5:03 minutes.

Lee Thomas-Mason

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