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Chad VanGaalen shares new track 'Pine and Clover' ahead of album release

Chad VanGaalen has shared new track ‘Pine and Clover’ accompanied by one of his infamous fantastical self-animated videos ahead of the release of his new album, Light Information, via Sub Pop.

The new record, which will be shared on September 8th, is about “not feeling comfortable with really anything,” as VanGaalen says. As always, VanGaalen wrote, played, and produced all of the music on the album apart from some vocals on ‘Static Shape’ from his young daughters Ezzy and Pip.

The new song, ‘Pine and Clover’ has a video with a shapeshifter who is born with the inability to form memories. It transforms into whatever creature or object it senses to be closest to it in the moment, but then cannot remember what it was previously. It seems to have no sense of self, whatsoever. This is what VanGaalen imagines: “humans will end up being, or possibly have been.”

Created by VanGaalen himself, the “Pine and Clover” video is a combination of hand drawn cell animation, claymation and paperless 2D animation. As the singer describes it:  “The style and economy of the animation is governed by my ability to sit in a chair and draw for as long as I possibly can without being distracted by my beautiful vegetable garden. Because of the garden and its beauty, I have been inspired to make most of the environments similar to what I see in the garden, so needless to say there is a lot of lettuce.”

And here it is, Far Out’s Track of the Day: