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Cathy Jain releases new interstellar single ‘UFO’

Cathy Jain - 'UFO'

Cathy Jain has released her latest single, ‘UFO’, which hints at a new direction for the heavily anticipated follow up to her debut EP of last year. 

Jain released her first EP, artificial, last year to showcase four songs that drew on her own life experiences and how she had learned from her teen years and the Covid-19 pandemic. The brand new track shows a change in subject matter as Jain looks to the stars in a dreamy fictional work of escapism.

In ‘UFO’, Jain has refined her unique brand of indie-pop and allowed her creativity to soar to the sky in an allegorical depiction of an alien invasion that describes the feelings of a relationship gone sour. Despite the mournful narrative, the music strikes a fine balance with illuminating soundscapes that are a testament to her smooth production skills.

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“You know when you’re with someone and you think they’re someone they’re not?” Jain explains of UFO’s storyline, “And then, in the end, they betray you, and you realise they’re not going to be there for you? It’s made into this big, apocalyptic alien invasion story. It’s quite dramatic, really,” she laughs. “It’s supposed to be quite animated”.

The talented youngster is currently studying for her A-levels alongside her burgeoning career in music. “As soon as I’m done with my maths, I go into my songwriting,” Jain joked with BEST FIT in a feature last year. “The songs coming out for the next EP are a huge step up, and I’m in love with them. The whole concept is about exploration. It’s literally about space, and aliens, and all that. So it’s very literally about exploring, and that’s very much new.”

Cathay Jain’s new single ‘UFO’ is out now, complete with an accompanying video which can be streamed below.