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Catholic Spit - Sick Sick Sex


This week the United Kingdom’s Prince of Wales, one Charles Phillip Arthur George, has been stoking the flames of an already very volatile fire by comparing Russia’s unruly leader and the Ukraine’s least favourite bloke, Vladimir Putin, to Hitler. Now it’s true, we know old Vlad’s a fully blown nut case, and is certainly guilty of some heinous crimes, yet I can’t help but wince at Charles’ cheeky ascent on the moral high ground – maybe he’s forgotten about his family’s close ties the Third Reich (notably former POW Edward VIII) or to overseeing the mass genocides in Iraq and Afghanistan, who knows, but surely there all as bad as each other?

What we do know, though, is that the last thing we need in the pursuit of adding meaning to our human experience is a couple of bickering, self-righteous twats that seem to act and speak on behalf of people with no-consent whatsoever; fox-trotting with the Satan and simultaneously dancing on our graves.

So, in true ‘up yours’ spirit to the pin-striped perpetrating politicians and the rancid royal reprobates of OUR world, we’re bringing you the 77 punk inspired Californians, Catholic Spit and their beautifully distasteful, Siouxsie and the Banshees on strong speed number, ‘Sick Sick Sex’ as the Far Out Track of the Day, make what you will of it… the track, that is.

You can download Catholic Spit’s full ‘A Pact with the Devil’ E.P here, or check out Bad Touch Records for more information.