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Catholic activists launch petition to ban the new Paul Verhoeven film

Paul Verhoeven has made many subversive films over the course of his fascinating career and his latest project is no different. Returning to the world of cinema after directing his last project back in 2016 – Elle, this new film has already been attracting a lot of attention from fans and critics since it premiered at Cannes last year.

Titled Benedetta, Verhoeven has made an interesting and powerful biographical drama about Benedetta Carlini – a real Catholic mystic from the 17th century who was actually known as a lesbian nun. An incredible journey of love, faith and betrayal, the film shows how Benedetta was imprisoned for falling in love with another woman.

After seeing the film, many Catholic activists have come to the conclusion that this is an offensive film even though the subject matter has a historical basis to it. They aren’t just boycotting the production but they have also decided to make sure that nobody else sees it by launching a petition to ban the film wherever possible.

Damien Murphy, a spokesman for the Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, said: “This movie is a fraud and nothing more than a blatant attack on the Catholic faith. To launch this film on Good Friday is a calculated insult to Christians everywhere. And shame on the Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast for permitting this showing at any time, but especially on this highly significant religious occasion.”

The petition itself is hilarious since it lists out some of the reasons why the film should be banned. Addressed to MUBI, the activists who launched the petition believe that nobody should see Benedetta because it has scenes where “a statuette of Mary Most Holy used as a sex-toy” as well as “several Jesus-on-nun intense ‘make outs'”.

Watch the new trailer for Benedetta below.