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Deerhunter new album

Cate Le Bon is producing Deerhunter's new album


Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox has announced that Cate Le Bon will be producing the band’s new record.

The pair, who have previously worked on a collaborative project, are located in Marfa Texas on Deerhunter‘s new LP: “The rest of the band will arrive on Sunday, and Cate is going to produce the next Deerhunter record here [in Marfa, Texas], which will be very informed by the environment,” Cox said in a interview with Vogue.

On top of the news of Cate Le Bon involvement, Cox has also revealed the working title for the record, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?, which has taken influence from their Texan surroundings: “The desert just has a lot of disappeared things in it,” he explained. “It’s where things have disappeared to.”

Deerhunter have also been ramping up publicity around their new work and  have been sharing weekly curated playlist’s called the ‘Deerhunter Sunday Night Radio Hour’.

The band, who recently announced plans to return with a new line-up and new music, have been away since the release of their last album Fading Frontier in 2015.