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Cate Le Bon - Duke


Despite departing for the sunnier side of America a while ago Cate Le Bon is still drawn back to our rain soaked isle time after time and at 10pm on Sunday in a grass filled Yorkshire dale she will once again be adorning the stage. We are of course talking about her illustrious performance scheduled for this year’s incredible Beacons Festival, and for it we have made her track ‘Duke’ our Track of the Day.

Not only is it a Wednesday and not only is the week only halfway through but most of us, like me, will have missed our chance to be witness to one of the best up-and-coming festivals Britain has to offer at the moment. Beacons Festival is a mere few days away and as the prospect of missing some incredible bands (Cheatahs, JAWS, Eagulls, Hookworms to name a few) Far Out can at least offer a small consolation prize in the form of this brilliant track.

‘Duke’ is everything Cate Le Bon is renowned for but this time with a slight Hollywood sheen. The track is still full of incredible scaling vocals which give a sense of powerful vulnerability and added to the inviting and slightly tribal drums, splashed with riffs and backdropped by gorgeous synth the song smacks of 60’s glamour and Le Bon in her prime.

Le Bon may have made the move to LA for career-heavy reasons but she is still a lass from Wales and although the glimmer of the vaseline smeared smile of Americana is starting to creep in she is still all that we loved before, if not a little more. She is still some parts fragile, some parts strong, some parts melodic and some parts destructive but all in all she is just incredibly talented.

Make sure to see her on Sunday, you lucky devils!


Jack Whatley