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Cate Le Bon - Are You With Me Now?

This song is what Sunday mornings are all about, an otherwise dreary day brightened by egg yolk yellow complexion of this 60’s stained piece of comfort songsmithery. Sounding like a beautiful combination of Janis Joplin and Nico, Cate Le Bon has transformed my Sunday and for that, she is our Track of the Day.

The second track to be taken from Cate’s second studio album Mug Museum Le Bon identifies her vocals as the velvety backdrop for a low growling guitar that together with a simple 60’s beat turns Are You With Me Now? into the kind of song that film makers dream of. Beautifully poetic and utterly honest.

Are You With Me Now? shows itself as a fragile piece of music with it’s title; the question hints at a innocence and vulnerability that Le Bon’s vocals only emphasise. This is extenuated by the fuzzing and gnarling guitar line that picks up and drops where Le Bon’s vocals can’t, expressing the anger and confusion of the song.

It’s hard not to sling this track on to the Velvet Underground slag heap and there are certainly similarities that would warrant it. The simplicity of the subject matter and the carefree delivery all kept in check by an honest and coarse veracity that runs through the song, that would all point to the opiate warriors of the 60’s. But if anybody after hearing this song would agree to these being negative things, I would invite them to find themselves on the wrong end of a syringe and an air bubble.

Harsh, I know. But Cate Le Bon and her track Are You With Me Now? has changed my weekend with her smooth vocals and effortless style. She may sound like she’s from the 60’s but her lyrics, aesthetic and delivery are deeply authentic and entirely timeless.


Jack Whatley