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(Credit: Paul Cush)


Cate Blanchett named her favourite film roles of all time

Cate Blanchett had an impressive 2021, collaborating with celebrated directors such as Guillermo del Toro and Adam McKay. In fact, both of her 2021 projects – Nightmare Alley and Don’t Look Up – ended up as two of the most famous films of the year since they managed to nab Best Picture nominations for this year’s iteration of the Oscars.

Despite the nominations for the Oscars, both Nightmare Alley and Don’t Look Up were lampooned by critics who felt that the films did not deserve any awards in the first place. However, Don’t Look Up has continued to gather momentum in the Netflix landscape and audiences have described it as an enjoyable satire of the absurdity of the pandemic.

2021 is in no way a definitive year for Blanchett because her filmography is already pretty stacked with brilliant performances that exceed the achievements of Nightmare Alley and Don’t Look Up. She has worked with some of the greatest filmmakers of our time, ranging from Steven Spielberg to David Fincher among many others.

When asked about some of her favourite roles, Blanchett claimed that there were some performances that stood out to her but it was all very subjective. She separated the quality of the projects from her own experiences during the production process, claiming that the most important aspect for her was the conversations with the filmmaker.

“It’s hard to say, because sometimes you enjoy it at the time and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it makes for a great film,” Blanchett explained while describing how important it was to be objective about your own work in retrospect. “So often your own personal enjoyment of things is entirely different from the finished product.”

She did end up selecting three of her favourite roles, including Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. “I relished playing Blue Jasmine. I loved playing the version of Bob Dylan [I’m Not There]. Working with David Fincher [The Curious Case of Benjamin Button] was remarkable,” Blanchett added. “In the end, I think what I remember most is not necessarily the role but it’s the dialogue that you have with the director.”

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