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Cassette Store Day 2015: The Full List


With a generation of music lovers adopting the vinyl as their own it wasn’t going to be long before another dead format was resurrected for the joy it once gave. Cassettes are now being touted as this new musical zombie. Cassette Store Day is looking to capitalise on this apocalypse.

Started in the UK by indie record labels Suplex Casettes, Kissability, and Sexbeat in 2013 and now with the mammoth Burger Records joining in as well, 2015 looks set to be the break through year for this lesser-known day of adoration to a bygone format.

 Burger Records had this to say: “The snowball that is Cassette Store Day rolls into 2015 bigger, better and badder than ever before!!! When we’re done spreading the good word of our fave format no one will ever ask “why cassettes?” again!!! BURGER BELIEVE THAT!!!”

The reason it is so loved is how easily and cheaply it can be produced. It can be a young band’s way in and as Burger Records continue to prove it still holds a dear place in all our heart. With the calibre of bands including The Maccabees, Gengahr and Girl Band all signed up 2015 is Cassette Store Day breakthrough year.

Cassette Store Day is on October 17 2015 – be there at the start of something beautiful.

Girl Band – “Holding Hands With Jamie” (Rough Trade Records)
The Maccabees – Marks To Prove It (Fiction Records)
Gengahr – A Dream Outside (Transgressive Records)
Kaiser Chiefs – Education, Education, Education, and War (Fiction Records)
Alex G – Beach Music (Domino Records)
Midasuno – Songs In The Key Of Fuck (2015 Re-release) (Kissability)
Midasuno – When Bulls Play God (Previously Unreleased ‘Cascade Records’ Version) (Kissability)
Robert Tomaro – Slime City (Original 1988 Motion Picture Soundtrack) (One Way Static/Strange Disc)
Spector – Moth Boys (Fiction Records)
Various Artists – The Secret Seventh (Alcopop! Records/Super Fan 99)
LA BETE BLOOMS — Nothing Left But The Taste / Summer (The Adult Teeth Recording Company)
MATTHEW HEDLEY STOPPARD & THE GLASS DELUSION – Runt County: Live at Chapel FM (The Adult Teeth Recording Company)
Heroics – Flutters (Good Sirens)
Bleak House – Music From The Middle Room (Keshcology)
Various Artists – C’est La Vie – EP (HoneyPeace Records)
Suren Unka – El Chupacabra (PRISON TAPES)
Various Artists – Blak Rainbow (Blak Hand Records)
Various Artists – On New Horizons Vol 2 (ZyNg tapes)
Serbey Gubka – Lost Wars (The Association for Depth Sound Recordings)
Spoilers – 3 Songs (Vibe/Anti-Vibe)
GBS Music – 2014 Lite: Wars (Almost Art)
Various Artists – NOW 666 Vol. 2 (FUZZKILL RECORDS)
Poodles/Lone Doe – Unusual Beach Day/Dark Night Monuments (Fox Food Records)
Various Artists – Fall (All Will Be Well Records)
The Wonderland Philharmonic – Shogun Assassin (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CINEWAX/LIGHT IN THE ATTIC & ONE WAY STATIC)
Various Artists – Herzog TV: A Dublin Lo-Fi Collection (Little L Records)
Zelienople / Opal Onyx – ZelienOpal (Tin Angel)
Spoilers – Live at Geertruida (Geertruida)
Emile’s Telegraphic Transmission Device – All That May Happen (I/O Records)
Island Cassettes – Dungarees (Indian Corn)
Radio Soulwax – Hardcore Or Die (Hi-Lo Tunez)
Various Artists – Friendly Enemies [The HLT Plan: 21st Step] (Hi-Lo Tunez)
Tracya – The Abyss (51beats)
Various Artists – VLR Mixtape Vol. 1 (Viva La Records!)
Tutu and the Bodyrockets – The Ballad of Bonnie Bigfish (Antiprimus Records)
Various Artists – The Long Halloween Mixtape (Third Kind Records)
Colin Potter – Recent History Volumes 1 & 2 (ICR)
Fovea Hex – “Neither speak nor remain silent” & “Here is where we used to sing” (Janet Records)
NARCS – Ivy (Clue Records)
Location Baked – Cambrofuturism (White Fez)
Various Artists – Relay Vol.1 (Sports Day)
Parallel Dimension Cartel – Parallel Dimension Cartel (Transmission Tower)
Various Artists – Post__Nothing Sessions -Edinburgh Underground Music Volume II(FoxBox Records)
Fisty Kendal – Mind Control (Third Kind Records)
Now Wakes The Sea – Primary Colours (FoxBox Records)
Jargo – This Frequency Of Light Is All I Know (FoxBox Records)
Various Artists – Ghost Babes Compilation Vol.2 (Ghost Babes Records)
Trowler – All The Truman Girls (Echolalia Records)
Various Artists – Quiet, Constant Friends (Wake the Deaf)
Various Artists – THE CLEFT KNUCKLE ASTRO’S HIT (Sapien Records Ltd)
Ngawang Lodup – Gratitude (30iPS)