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Cassels’ have a brilliant video for ‘Ignoring All The Tunnels & Lights’


Oxford band Cassels are set to release a new documentary titled ‘A Year With Cassels’ who wants a gold star for guessing the premise? But with all this footage they have created a fantastic video for their track ‘Ignoring All The Tunnels & Lights’. They play the song to their Grandparents and capture their reactions.

This may seem fairly dull, but when you learn that the song is centred around the point of death and whether life is worth living beyond a certain age. What’s brilliant is their grandparents pride as they comment on the music whilst subtly understanding the context of the song.

Taken from the new EP You Us and They which is out next month this video shows not only the bands great work, simple artistry and wry sense of humour but their humanity. It’s a simple product with maximum affect.