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Cass McCombs shares new track 'Estrella' ahead of new album

Cass McCombs is following up 2016’s LP Mangy Love with a brand new full-length effort titled Tip of the Sphere, which is due out in February. Prior to that he’s released two new songs ‘Estrella’ and ‘Sleeping Volcanoes’ both of which make this a double-header Track of the Day.

The tracks are lilting yet comforting poetic pursuits. Often falling close to a lullaby McCombs offers up in ‘Estrella’ a touching tribute to late Mexican artist Juan Gabriel. While ‘Sleeping Volcanoes’ offers a more Americana-tinged, apathetic point of view.

The songs come via La Blogotheque and a particular visit to the gorgeous Dutch National Railway Museum, as the project continues to put some of our favourite artists in unlikely places to hear their music. This one is a particularly graceful and poignant effort.

Take a look below and the two videos form La Blogotheque and Cass McCombs