Cass McCombs - Morning Star


Cass McCombs is an American singer songwriter hailing from California so, staying true to stereotype; it’s no real surprise that his latest video for new track Morning Star exhibits rare surf and skate videos.

Not only does director Patrick O’Dell use gnarly original footage, he manages to capture the spirit and authenticity of the Dogtown years in Santa Monica.

The affiliation to the 70’s skate and surf spot continues, keep an eye out for recognisable faces throughout the video with footage from the likes of Natas Kaupas who burst onto the scene after winning the Santa Monica skate comp, later joining the infamous Skip Engblom skate team after he offered to sponsor the young pirate.

The general theme continues, Lance Mountain makes an appearance in the video, his link to Dogtown isn’t any secret despite it not being direct. Armstrong began a close relationship with one of the original pioneers of skating Stacey Peralta, and later skated for Powell-Peralta.

It was risk for McCombs to take this approach, the video does tend to take the limelight and the record seems to just become background music for a reminiscent skate video.  With that in mind though, we’re being showered in sunshine at the moment, Morning Star would make pleasant background music to your BBQ’s or boozing in the park. Enjoy!

Lee Thomas-Mason

The video only seems to be available on Skating sites so watch it here!