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(Credit: Tom Whitson / Press)


Caroline share new single 'Good Morning (Red)'

Caroline - 'Good Morning (Red)'

English eight-piece folk collective Caroline have dropped their latest single, ‘Good Morning (Red)’, as the most recent preview of their upcoming self-titled debut LP.

“We wrote the basic electric guitar parts, drums and ‘Good morning, it’s that time again’ vocal line in early 2017 and used to play it as a loop for ages, twice as fast as it is on the recorded version, as this kind of never-ending, triumphant emo song,” guitarist/vocalist Mike O’Malley says. “It felt like there was something to be hopeful for in early 2017.”

The pastoral track is everything that Caroline do phenomenally well: a light acoustic jaunt that has an underlying sense of strange forbidding nature among the otherwise calm exterior. Here, that sense of disconcerting discomfort comes courtesy of the wild shouts heard in the background throughout the track. Caroline doesn’t seem eager to have everything they do be purely beautiful, so a little bit of disruption is in order. That disruption comes through the song’s lyrics as well.

“This very damaging political consensus was being challenged and there was a real sense that things could be different,” O’Malley continues. “That feeling is maybe best summed up by [guitarist/vocalist] Casper Hughes’ shouting (‘Can I be happy in this world? We’ll have to change it, it doesn’t suit us.’) As we got interested in other sounds and recording techniques, we always came back to ‘Good morning’, reworking it and developing it in line with whatever we were interested in at the time.

“In its final recorded form, it’s kind of a song in two halves. The first half is how the band started: us playing a long song live in a room. And the second half is more what we are interested in now: different recorded worlds co-existing and colliding with one another,” O’Malley summarises. “It’s the first song we ever wrote so it’s exciting that people are finally going to hear it in recorded form.”

Caroline are now in a two-band competition for London’s best experimental country-tinged musical collective. That’s because Black Country, New Road have shifted from their Squid-like origins to a far more folksy sound on their recent singles. Caroline were kind of living in that territory before BC, NR got there, but it doesn’t have to be a fight. There’s room enough for two. But today Caroline takes a brief step into the lead with ‘Good Morning (Red)’.

Check out the video for ‘Good Morning (Red)’ down below. Caroline is set for a February 25th release.