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Credit: Yala!


Hear Caro's new track 'Closet Lunatic' for a lesson on how to refresh

Caro - 'Closet Lunatic'

Caro are a band who are slowly making their imprint felt across the bizarre new musical landscape. As the world continues to be in lockdown and the usual pathway through the grimy venues of the toilet circuit for a band’s victory remain largely blocked, Caro are proving that if the music is good enough, any group can breakthrough.

With the band’s debut album Burrows set for release on December 4th through Yala! Records, the group are gaining some serious traction as their glitching indie sound lands with a freshness that few bands have achieved of late. The most recent single ‘Closet Lunatic’, complete with a stop motion video, is another taster of the music to come.

The video for the new single is certainly one of the finer clips we’ve seen of late. Compiled during “5 months spent sitting alone in a small storage room with cardboard taped over the window to block out any sunlight, fuelled by pineapple flavoured energy drinks and spiteful determination,” says Adam of the band. But he has another point to make too, “All of which took place in 2017 before self-isolation got trendy and totally sold out,” he said.

There’s an intelligence to Caro that feels both welcoming and impressive. It’s not the kind of cleverness which feels alienating or, indeed, is purposefully in place to isolate the band from the perennial idiocy that surrounds them. Instead, the group deliver songs which as well as having a fresh new sound, somewhere between indie rock and glitching pop, also come complete with wry lyrics and smart refrains, “You don’t have to fill the cup you’re pissing in,” they sing.

‘Closet Lunatic’ is one of the better distillations of this sound. There’s certainly a taste of other indie stalwarts in their music, while we’re not sure if they would admit it, it’s hard not to hear some of Bombay Bicycle Club’s affectations or Alt-J’s rhythmic vocal pulse. However, aside from these few points, it’s good to hear something a bit different again. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s some of the more innovative guitar-based music we’ve heard in a very long time — how’s that for a soundbite for the ages?

To put it simply, there’s something inherently odd about Caro. They’re not your run of the mill indie band and they certainly don’t look like morphing into that mould anytime soon. There’s a worry that a band with such a clear direction may get sidetracked on album number two but, for now, there’s real promise for Caro.

So, what better way to kick start a brand new lockdown than with a refresher on how to refresh. Listen below to Caro’s ‘Closet Lunatic’.