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Credit: Caribou


Caribou announces first new album in 5 years and shares 'You and I'

When Caribou dropped his first new music in years with October’s ‘Home’ we thought a new record be on the way. Now, Caribou has confirmed his first new record in five years, titled Suddenly will arrive next year.

Before the record drops in February next year, Dan Snaith – AKA Caribou – has given us another little taste of the album with the brilliant new cut ‘You and I’. Listen below.

The album will be the first new LP from Caribou since 2014’s Our Love and judging by this latest effort will be another triumph. While Snaith may have been away from the limelight his mind hasn’t ever left the process of making music.

The album was created through over 900 demo tracks and speaks volumes of the work he puts in. Snaith said, “I record music every day, and I love it – as much or more than I have always done. I feel very lucky – the thrill has never, ever left me.”

Talking about the creative process that led to Suddenly, Snaith adds, “For the last few albums at least, there’s been a point about three quarters of the way through where I work late into the night (as usual) but when I try and go to bed, ideas keep forcing me to get up and go back to the studio again. It happens over and over in one night. I can feel the gears whirring as I lie there trying to sleep and I can’t ignore the ideas for fear that it will be gone when I wake up the next morning.”

Listen below to Caribou’s new song ‘You and I’. His new album Suddenly will arrive February 28th, 2020.